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Welcome to Solihull LSCB Training page

Solihull LSCB aims to provide a comprehensive range of multi-agency training for managers and practitioners that support the delivery of the LSCB improvement priorities around neglect, child sexual exploitation and early help, as identified in LSCB Multi Agency Safeguarding Workforce Development Strategy.
The LSCB training events aim to add value to agency specific in-house training by providing practitioners with essential skills in partnership working to safeguard children using agreed multi-agency competencies informed by evidence from national and local experience, including serious case reviews .
These multi-agency competencies do not replace the agency specific competencies that practitioners may need to function effectively in specific roles. Practitioners must therefore attend in-house agency specific training and have a foundation level of safeguarding understanding at the very least before attending multi-agency events.
In conjunction with your managers and your team, you should decide what courses you need to meet your organisational needs, however we would recommend consideration is given to attending one day of multi-agency training per year.  For details on the training courses we offer, please go to our Training Programme.
For further information on how to book a training course, please go to our How to book page.