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Please ensure that when booking you are the person who wishes to attend the course; you should not book places on anyone else’s behalf. When booking you will create your own confidential LSCB safeguarding record where documents, evaluations and certificates will be made available to you via this log-in which should not be accessible to anyone else.
1. Reflection session 1- Reflections from a Serious Case Review View Details
2. Reflection session 2- Reflections from a Case Learning Review View Details
3. Module 1 – Early Help View Details
4. Module 2 - Child Protection: An introduction to multi-agency working View Details
5. Module 3 - Child Protection: The challenges of multi-agency working View Details
6. Module 4 - Child Protection: Analysis, judgement and leadership in partnership working View Details
7. Module 5A - Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness View Details
8. Module 5B - CSE: Skills for working with vulnerable children & young people View Details
9. Module 6 - Neglect: Impact on child development View Details
10. Module 6(b) - Neglect: Domestic Abuse View Details
11. Module 6(c) – Neglect: The Graded Care Profile 2 View Details
12. Module 6 (d) Neglect- Substance misuse View Details
13. Module 7 - Physical Abuse: Impact on child development View Details
14. Module 8 - Emotional Abuse: Impact on child development View Details
15. Module 9 - Sexual Abuse: Impact on child development View Details
16. Managing Allegations against Staff View Details
17. Solihull Faith Groups View Details